Plastika Šamudovský - to order a consultation, payment by a credit card, disablement / sickness leave





How can I book a consultation visit?
The best way to arrange a visit is to call either a nurse or a physician directly. A particular date and hour is offered to the client - no time wasted in waiting rooms

Is there any possibility to accommodate the patient’s companion?
If necessary, we can book an apartment hotel for you or for your companion.

Do you accept cards as a payment instrument for procedures?
Not yet, you can only pay in cash.

How much is a consultation at your clinic?
A consultation ending in an order for a procedure date is free of charge, other cases are charged, depending on the length, from CZK 100 to 500.

Are cosmetic procedures recognized as incapacity to work?
An incapacity to work certificate cannot be issued for such procedures.

Will I be able to leave the clinic after surgery by myself?
Patients after a surgery not requiring in-patient stay should arrange transport home.

We are ready to answer all your questions, advise you on how to act and what to do before and after any procedure. Information leaflets are prepared for your help and our surgeons and anesthesiologists are waiting to recommend the most efficient treatment for you.