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Protruding ears can cause great psychological trauma in childhood, especially during the social integration of a child. Therefore this problem should be solved at pre-school age, but only if it is the wish of the child. That’s why we strongly highlight the importance of a pre-surgery interview with a paediatric patient. Appropriate preparation facilitates the surgical procedure and post-surgery period. Lobe surgery corrects the angle of the lobe-head distance and various malformations and irregularities.
Surgery is performed under local anaesthesia, but general anaesthesia is also possible. An incision is made behind the ear, where the lobe cartilage is uncovered; the lobe is re-shaped and fixed in the most appropriate position by sutures.

Before the procedure:

see the pre-surgery instructions

After the procedure:

Full head dressing for one week, the sutures are removed on days 10 – 14. The hair can be washed after removal of the sutures. For the next three weeks, we recommend protecting the lobes with a scarf at night and sleeping on the back. Numbness of the lobes can be experienced for a couple of weeks after surgery.