Plastika Šamudovský – breast enlargement, breast reduction, face-lifting, eye-lid operation
Face and Neck Lift Surgery
Eyelid Surgery
Lip Augmentation
Suction-Assisted Fat Removal
Ear Pinning



Pre-Surgery Instructions:

- Consultation with an operating physician is an initial and very important step before each procedure. During this visit, the patient is informed in detail about the procedure, its possibilities and potential risks. The procedure is specified clearly in each step.
- Sometimes photos will be taken if agreed with the patient to make a comparison of the procedure results. They are also included in the patient’s file.
- If the patient makes the decision to undergo the procedure, the next step is to specify the date of surgery and internal pre-surgery examination, which should not be more than 14 days in advance.
- No anticoagulants (such as Acylpyrin, Aspirin, Anopyrin, Warfarin) should be taken for at least 14 days before the surgery
- No acute diseases – viral infections, bad colds, pathology of the skin, teeth, lips (cold sores) - should be in the patient’s history at least 14 days before the planned procedure.
- Procedures are not suitable during menstruation.
- Smoking, eating and drinking should be avoided 6 hours before surgery
- The patient shall come to the clinic at the agreed time, having performed full personal hygiene – hair washed, no make-up