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Breast Reduction

Oversized breasts are a significant problem for many women. They have psychological problems demonstrated by low self-confidence resulting from limited attractiveness and psychoneurosis.  The physical problems are even more serious – backache, neck ache, painful bruises on the shoulders from the bra straps, painful and sensitive breasts and later, defective posture resulting in deformation of the body structure.

The limitations in daily life are considerable. All the problems mentioned above can be removed or at least mitigated by this surgery, called reduction mammoplasty. It is based on the removal of an excess volume of breast tissue, sometimes combined with necessary modulation.

During consultation before the surgery, you will receive a recommendation for the most suitable surgical method by your operating physician, based on your expectations regarding desirable breast size and on the anatomical proportions of your body, skin elasticity and your overall state of health. A mammographic examination is required before the procedure.

For further information see the pre-surgery instructions.


The best time for surgery is immediately after menstruation, or the discontinuation of contraception for a period of 1 - 3 months. For lactating women, the best time is after 1 year of lactation. It is performed under general anaesthesia and takes about 2 – 3 hours. It is based on the removal of excess breast tissue and first of all, a transfer of the breast areola and nipple complex to the right location. The incision is made around the areola vertically down to the crease below the breast and continues horizontally in this crease.

For the transfer of the breast areola and nipple, a suspension instrument is used where this complex is suspended. Transfer methods vary and depend mostly on the breast size.

After the procedure:

The patient must stay in the clinic until the day after the surgery, when the dressing is applied, the drains are removed and if the incision and overall physical status of the patient are stable, she can be released for home care. It is important to rest at home with minimum heavy activity, especially lifting with the arms. The next bandaging takes place within 3 days. The sutures are removed on day 12 – 14 after surgery. The patient is informed on the RHB regime and pressure massages.  It is recommended to treat the scars locally with Topigel. Elastic underwear, such as a bra, must be worn for 6 weeks.

After a non-complicated post-surgery period, the patient can resume regular activities approximately two weeks after surgery, but resuming all activities is permitted after 1 - 2 months.