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Breast reshaping

Female breasts are subject to changes caused by ageing, pregnancy and lactation. The skin is less elastic; the breasts lose their firmness and form. Through modulation, remarkable enhancement of the breast shape and appearance can be achieved.

The breast shape is highly individual and created by the glands, ligaments and fat.

Breast development is complete around the age of 18 and after that time, it varies more or less as a result of ageing and hormonal changes. Saggy breasts – ptosis – have certain stages and are impacted by the breast weight (size), fat reduction and glandular tissue. The breasts can be lifted and reshaped by a modulation procedure. If the breasts aren’t too saggy, only the nipple and areola will be lifted sufficiently without intervention in the gland. Modulation in this case is used only for the removal of excess skin cover. Gland adjustment is performed only if the size is larger and the breast is too droopy. Bigger breasts must then be reduced to avoid drooping again in a short time. This surgery is also suitable for the correction of significant breast asymmetry. It must be noted that the effect of this procedure is only temporary and due to gravity, the breasts continue to droop.

Pre-surgery instructions: see the pre-surgery instructions.

During the procedure: there are various alternatives on how to perform the surgery, depending on the breast shape, size of the decrease and required effect. The most common is an incision around the areola, then vertically downwards to the crease below the breast, and this crease is traced. The scar appearance is individual, but it turns white and becomes unrecognizable in the course of time. This surgery is recommended for the period when no pregnancy is planned by the woman, since breast shape and size change considerably during pregnancy, which could have an impact on the result of previously performed surgery.

The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and it takes about 1.5 – 2 hours, depending on the range of interventions. The patient is required to stay overnight for 1 or 2 days.

After the procedure:

A new bandage is applied and the drains are removed on the following day. If the post-surgery condition is satisfactory, the patient can be released for home care. It is necessary to follow a post-operative regime, which means to pace activities without physical strain. The next follow-up visit takes place on day 3, the sutures are removed within 7 – 10 days after surgery. The patient can return to her regular life after this period, but resuming all activities can only be permitted after 1 - 2 months.

An elastic sport bra is worn by the patient after surgery. Later follow-up visits are planned individually; the patient is nevertheless obliged to contact the surgeon in the case of changes in breast shape and consistency or any suspicion of burns. These all are just current post-surgery symptoms, but they must be monitored. Bruises, swellings, higher sensitivity of the breast are normal and persist for about 7 weeks. These symptoms can be mitigated according to the surgeon’s recommendation.

This surgery is highly individual and each client is given specific and individual attention and care.